Plain pasta, which generally takes a rounded or rectangular shape and is used as a dipping sauce, peas or grass. The cakes can be baked directly on the floor of the wood-fired oven or inside a tin. Due to its resemblance to Italian pizza, British residents call it Valencian-style pizza, but unlike this you will never find cheese on its topping. In summer, they are eaten accompanied by a muscatel grape, which is a successful combination of salty.

Sweet potato dumplings

Small pies baked in the oven, stuffed with sweet potato jam and flavored with anise or brandy.


For the preparation of this sausage, a dough made of lean pork meat and bacon in equal parts, seasoned with pepper and other spices is used. The shape of the sausage is long and thin. Popularly, it is also known by the name of "llangonissa".

Easter snack

It is a kind of stew made with broad beans, peas, potatoes and onions. Halfway through cooking, an egg is dropped into the pot for each diner. Traditionally, it was a typical Easter dish or, in general, spring, which is the season for broad beans and peas. Today, thanks to frozen products, it is possible to prepare a snack at any time of the year.

Blood sausage

The basic ingredients of this pork specialty are, in addition to the meat and blood of the pig, onion and rice. The combination of these last elements is a characteristic shot of Llíber, since in other places it is made with either onion or rice.

Hot dog

Like the longaniza, lean meat and bacon are used in its preparation, but the first ingredient predominates over the second. The saltxixa usually has black peppercorns, and not ground as in the case of the longaniza.


Sausage of capolated pork meat and seasoned with salt, red pepper and other species. The red pepper gives it its characteristic color. This tasty food was brought to Llíber by Majorcan settlers at the beginning of the 17th century.

Xaló i Llíber wine

The two towns are well known for their dedication to the cultivation of the vine and for the bulk sale of the wine that is produced of all varieties: black, rosé, white, mistela and even cava.

Butlletí informatiu municipal

Phones of interest

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Ajuntament de Llíber

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