Councillors Partido Popular

José Juan Reus Reus, Alcalde. Urban Planning, Personnel, Local Police, Economy, Finance, Heritage, Contracting, Supplies Contact:
Daniel Paniego Reus, 1st Deputy Mayor Local festivals, Sports and Firefighting Contact:
Noelia Martinez Reus, 2nd Deputy Mayor Education and culture Contact:
Jesus Manuel Blanco Reus, 3 Deputy Mayor Commerce, public lighting, cemetery, medical center, senior citizens, retirees and pensioners Contact:
Jose Miguel Reus Reus Water services, Daily cleaning, Conservation and repair of municipal infrastructures, Solid waste management and Sewerage and treatment plant, Eco park, Riu Rau Route, Youth, Agriculture and food Contact:
Carmen Morant Monserrat Tourism, Social Services, Library and Citizen Participation Contact:
Suzanne Mcallister European Residents, Health, Equality and Housewives Contact:

Councillors Partido Compromís: BLOC-Iniciativa-Verdsequo (Compromís municipal)

Andrea Kruithof Ausina
Eva Fullana Mas